Welcome to This is an online Poker Tracker for the PokerTH community. It collects and analyzes data about the online players' behaviour.
Tracking what?
The tracking is inspired by professional software like Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager. It then calculates important values like VP$IP or the Aggression Factor which let you deduce what kind of player you are facing and what moves you can expect from him/her.
Online Tracking
Unlike its predecessor, which could only analyze your own log files, accumulates the log files of all its users in order to provide a bigger picture.
How It Works
You can jump in directly and get an overview of already known players.
Log File Donations
If you want more details on that player however, you first need to upload your PokerTH log files. This projects depends on its users' data donations in the end.
What you'll get
After you uploaded enough new game data, you will be granted unlimited access to this tracker for three days until you need to do the next upload.
Enjoy playing poker. 😋 And maybe this helps you making smarter decisions in a future online tournament.